The Branding & Design process of MySueño, our Sports Marketing Agency

Discover the branding and design process for sports companies with this case of MySueño.

The branding and design process for sports companies is basically the same as any branding strategy.

The only difference? It’s way more fun.

At least that’s our opinion. Admitted, servicing only clients from the sports & health industry, we might be biased.

To support our statement, creating a sports or health brand is rewarding because there’s a lot of emotion and energy involved: Watching sports, doing sports, caring about your health.

These are things people genuinely care about.

Compare that to creating a brand for a new vacuum cleaner or table.

You must understand our point to some level. 

After doing some branding projects for our clients, we felt it was time to splash up our branding.

Now that it’s ready, we LOVE it!

The downside of doing strategic projects for customers is that we often can’t share much background info about it.

That’s why this is a GREAT moment to share the different steps you should take in a branding process and make it tangible by showing our results each step of the way!

Ready? Here we go. 

What we'll cover

01. Arche-type research

Branding is all about the first impression and feeling you want people to have from you as a company.  

Any visual element you send out there should display who you are and what you stand for.Branding should also demonstrate your company culture and the personal identity of its leadership team or founders. 

Here’s the result of the archetype research of MySueño. 

Sports Branding - Results of the arche type research of MySueño.

02. Positioning

After this research, it’s time to think about the strategic side of branding. 

Is this selected archetype both an identity where you stand for now ànd where you want to evolve to in the future? 

It often happens that the culture of a company might not exactly be the same as the image you want to have.

In our example: red is by far the main characteristic of MySueño, as everything we do is related to innovation, taking action, and getting results.

But the second value wasn’t that clear. Both blue and yellow were options.

Red - Most prominent - focus on action, results, taking the lead 100%
Yellow - focus on creativity, energy 75%
Blue - focus on expertise, strategy, innovation 80%

03. Logo & icon draft

The goal of a logo is to immediately get a feel of what the company is about and have some hidden elements that link to a good story.

Did you notice the compass in my icon, which at the same time contains the “S” of MySueño? 

My previous logo didn’t have a brand icon and I missed it on several occasions. 

This icon is a visual element that you can use as a standalone without including your brand name.

This icon is convenient to use as a favicon for your website, as your social media profile pic or as a highlight on visuals.

So make sure you have one! 

Sports branding step 3 - logo & icon draft.

04. Font selection & brand colors

What I learned in this step is that the colors of your archetype don’t necessarily need to match the colors of your actual branding.

The overall feel needs to be the same. 

So even though I was preparing myself for quite dark colors matching the red and blue archetype results, I got a selection of vivid colors.

Not too flashy but rather ‘obscure’ to support the feeling of expertise. 

Sports branding process step 4 - Font selection & brand colors.

05. Brand identity

In the final step of this process, the designer creates your full brand identity.

In this phase, they advise which type of pictures to use, which additional fonds you need for your titles and body texts, and create graphic elements.

These elements are repeated on every visual item to create consistency in your branding. 

Here’s an example of my new Facebook banner.

The graphical elements are the dotted lines which link to innovation and progress, and the arrows which envision the action and strategy. 

Sports branding process step 5 - brand identity.

For this project, we teamed up with James Bold Agency, who’s part of the MySueño partner network. 

For each customer, we combine our expertise in the sports market with the suited team to reach the best results. 

Wim, Matth and Zoë were a great match here because of their years of expertise in branding & design and their strategic insights. 

It’s always easier to do marketing for someone else than for yourself because you’re in too deep. 

Let us know if you like it !

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