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Sport Innovation

Looking to achieve business goals such as improving sales, attracting more employees, optimizing processes & team knowledge?

Today, community building is key to transform your members or customers into ambassadors. We can help you set-up the right actions, platforms & communication to support community building. 

It is much easier to create recurring customers out of existing customers than to find new customers. Therefore you should focus your business around loyalty and customer services. A loyalty program will support this process. 

How great would it be if you’d have an army of sales people promoting your brand daily. Wouldn’t it even be better if they would only be rewarded based on results? Here come referral programs: define your ideal partners, set-up reward systems based on the level of commitment and watch your company grow. 

Artificial intelligence is a trend nowadays and it’s not always the right solution for your problem. But when it is a good option for you, it can be very strong and remove a lot of pain. We can help you define the best technology and solution for your challenges or goals. 

You need to stand out in the crowd, AR or VR activations are a great way to do so. When done right of course. 

Innovation happens on different levels, business model innovation can be one of them. Let’s talk to see how you can innovate your business model in order to support your growth. 

The whole point about innovation is that’s it’s supposed to be new. Got any new ideas and you’re looking for guidance on how to implement them? We use the double diamond framework to define the right solution to your challenge or goal. 

Discover all about Sport Innovation and how we can help you at MySueno.
Discover all about Sport Marketing and how we can help you at MySueno.
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Sport Marketing

Looking to achieve business goals such as improving sales, attracting more employees, optimizing processes & team knowledge?

Knowing who your customer is, what their needs are and fully understanding their buyer journey is key during your marketing strategy. It’s safe to say that you cannot create a good strategy if these are not clearly defined. 

This will define which position you will claim in the market compared to your competitors. This includes your market definition: which activities will you perform (now or in the future) and where will your business stop. This is a crucial step in your marketing strategy as this should define your visual identity, branding and pricing strategy. 

A good visual identity and tone of voice  is a crucial aspect of your marketing strategy. We have talented partners who can create this for you under my guidance. I’ve also worked on projects where I advised the internal brand manager on branding projects performed by external agencies or partners.

I see a good, SEO proof website as part of your marketing strategy rather than your communication strategy, as this is basically your online store, and represents your business online. Even long before starting to communicate it. 

A good marketing strategy will be the groundwork of your communication: who will you target, what will be your pricing and commercial plan, through which channels will you sell your offering and through which channels will you reach your target audience. 

The Go-2-Market strategy will give you a general overview of how you will approach the market. Which will be your sales channels, who are your target audiences and how will you reach them. 

Here we will define the main communication channels through which you can reach your ideal audience and your goal with the biggest ROI. Creating a 360° channel strategy, where digital strategy is not a separate section, profession of job, but part of the overall strategy will help you reach your goals in no time. 

The content strategy is the translation of the communication strategy into content items. While communication will tell us what we will do, content strategy goes deeper into the messages we’re sending out. Your general content strategy will display your tone of voice, type of imagery used and other branding subsections such as colors, fonts and brand hashtags. 

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Sport Communication

Looking to achieve business goals such as improving sales, attracting more employees, optimizing processes & team knowledge?

SEO is one of the communication channels that’s been least taken advantage of. One because it’s ever changing and quite challenging to set-up. Two because you need experts in the field in order to compete with the ever growing content online. SEA is often a black box, that’s being used but has much more to offer. I’ll help you to align both and take over Google together. 

Influencer marketing is the biggest growing communication channel. I’ll help you set-up a complete influencer strategy, ranging from the value your offer, returns you’re expecting, how to select matching influencers, organizing a content & activation calendar plus the analytics of it all. 

Sponsorships will always play a big role in any sports marketing strategy. Though many companies invest hugely in events, teams or athletes, very few reap the benefits to the fullest. Creating a good portfolio strategy, an in-depth content & activation plan and analytics to give you insights in what’s happening,  will help increase your ROI of your sponsorship.  

Social media channels and their respective audiences are constantly changing. Have you heard about Twitch? Do you know WhatsApp is becoming a sales channel? Did you know that Facebook is not  dead even though it seems like Instagram is taking over? Let’s decide the most relevant channels for your target audience, and create an actionable and channel specific content & ad planning to ensure success. 

PR is basically free media space, so it should be part of any communication strategy. But it takes more than a simple e-mail or launch event to actually get that coverage. Let’s work on building long-lasting relationships and a yearly PR planning to build your brand in the PR space. 

Whether you’re organizing an  event, have a booth present or sponsoring one, a good communication strategy before during after is what will get you the ROI you want. Fun activations focused on data capturing will  ensure you can connect with users long after the event is finished.  

Content is king is not one of the most used marketing quotes with no reason. In a world that’s full of cluttered messages screaming for our attention, high quality content is what you need to reach good results in your communication strategy. 

You might’ve heard people say ‘e-mail is dead’. The numbers tell a different story though. With social media being under fire and taking more control, together with stricter GDPR regulations which might endanger retargeting options, it’s crucial to build your own audience and to nurture your leads. 

Looking for the best online blogs, magazines or billboards to increase your brand awareness? We’ve got your back. 

We all know video is becoming more important, so why are so many brands and organizations not using it yet? Both YouTube and Display advertising are a good way to increase brand awareness. 

Discover all about Sport Communication and how we can help you at MySueno.
Discover all about Digital Transoformation in Sport and how we can help you at MySueno.
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Digital transformation

Looking to achieve business goals such as improving sales, attracting more employees, optimizing processes & team knowledge?

What’s the goal you want to reach and what is the current status of your company across the digital transformation framework. Based on this we create an action plan which is co-created  with – and presented to – the main stakeholders to create buy-in and approval for further execution. 

Marketing and sales automation helps you to scale your marketing and sales approach throughout the sales & marketing funnel. This is the core of the inbound marketing methodology. We will set-up this automation by going through the 5 steps of any digital transformation project: Goals & KPI’s – Audit – Action Plan – Implementation – Analytics. 

When creating or optimizing your role as a global marketing department, you will encounter different needs and questions then local brand managers encounter. Your role will be to launch international process, and share guidelines and best practices across countries. Have gone through this transition, I can help you to set-up the right processes, tools and approach to make this transition go smoothly. 

As people are key, their skills & knowledge need to transform together with the processes and new technologies. I give workshops, trainings & change management to support this growth.

When transformation is growing your business or changing your processes, you’ll encounter the need for new people, skills or the optimization of processes with agencies. I help companies to select the teams & partners which suit their culture and needs. 

New projects & technologies always require new processes. I’ll help you set-up, test, automate and refine these processes by offering guidelines, setting up tools, and training users. 

Chosing the right mix of marketing & sales software is crucial to create streamlined processes. 

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Sport Business

Looking to achieve business goals such as improving sales, attracting more employees, optimizing processes & team knowledge?

Going global means scaling your business and implementing standardisation step by step in order to ensure cost savings and take advantage of scaling based on previous experiences. This requires updated processes, tools and strategies. Having gone through this, we can support you to speed up this process.

The time that we only shopped in brick & mortar stores are long gone. You need to consider your different sales channels – online and offline – and create a sales strategy that supports each of the specific needs without having them compete with one another: a cross channel sales strategy. 

Once you decided which type of products and promotions you’re going to activate on each sales channel, it’s time to get specific. Define the focus products throughout the year and define marketing and promotional actions. 

In a digital world, you need digital solutions. Why perform repetitive tasks manually while a tool exists for every problem you face. With a specific focus on marketing and sales, we can automate your sales process – without losing track of the human factor which still plays a central role. 

Why is this part of business consulting while the title clearly says inbound marketing? Because it affects your whole organisation. Sales meets marketing and all other processes should be linked to this funnel strategy. 

The business development matrix will help you plan ahead, to see opportunities in market development or product development, and mostly also define what you won’t focus on. When tackling new markets, you’ll need to have a clear USP for all stakeholders. We’ll help you define these, prioritize quick wins and can even help you get in touch with distributors or partners abroad to support this development. 

No matter whether you’re a business, an athlete or influencer, creating a personal brand is important for the future of your ‘business’. It’s all about having a clear positioning, values and communicate these to the outside world. 

Discover all about Sport business and how we can help you at MySueno.

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