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Digital transformation in sports

80% of the sports companies state that digital transformation is a main focus in any form, and it should be yours as well. I’ll define what digital transformation entails, especially within a sports industry, dig deeper into the 3 building blocks and provide you tips on the 5-steps towards digital transformation. 


Digital transformation in the sports industry

“The future belongs to those who prepare for it today.”


“Digital Transformation often refers to the use of new, fast and frequently changing digital technology into all areas of a business, fundamentally changing how you operate and deliver value to your customers. It’s also a cultural change that requires organizations to continuously question and optimize processes and create an experimental and fail-proof mindset amongst employees.”

The sports industry continues to face rapid change in many domains. Robotics, big data quantification of performance and processes, AR/VR transforming the way we experience (e-) sports. All of these innovations require your organization to integrate digital as a key driver in your company in order to stay ahead – or even just survive. Digital transformation will play a crucial role to get your employees and company ahead of these changes. 

Our definition of digital transformation in sports?

“Digital Transformation is all about preparing your company, people and processes to meet the ever growing customer needs and innovations. Technology allows us to transform all areas of a business, fundamentally changing how you operate and deliver value you to customers. It’s also a cultural change that requires organizations to continuously question and optimize processes and create an experimental and fail-proof mindset amongst employees. Dealing with barriers and resistance through change management will be a crucial part of any digital transformation projects.”
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3 drivers of digital transformation

Change will always encounter resistance in one form or another. Make sure you go through all stages of the behavioral change process when implementing projects and understand the drivers of different employees. 

We always start with departments who are most open to change, and share their wins and positive experiences with other departments to influence behavioral change. – IF you have the choice 🙂 

You cannot automate processes that don’t exist. In order for automation to succeed, you’ll have to thoroughly define what your processes are, which steps you want to automate and where you want your team to intervene or get updates. During a previous project we were automating the sales process for a sportstech company. 60% of the time went to defining when users would enter the sales funnel, when and how many e-mails they would receive before the sales people would pick up the phone and reach out directly. 25% went to writing the mail templates and standard responses. Only about 15% of the effort was needed to actually set-up the automations in Hubspot. 

What works for one organization might not work for the other. Making the right choice should always start with looking to the future: what are you planning to achieve? Very often, organizations would just implement the cheapest or best tool, without making a mapping of their digital ecosystem and how each tool integrates with the other tools. Or if you’re not happy about one tool, this one shouldn’t impact your choice either. It also doesn’t make sense to go for the best (and most expensive) option if you’ll only be using 10% of the features. So take a moment to analyze and create a future strategy before jumping into decisions. After that you can start testing quickly and as much as you want. 

Digital transformation reviews

Discover all about Digital Transoformation in Sport and how we can help you at MySueno.
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Digital transformation

Looking to achieve business goals such as improving sales, attracting more employees, optimizing processes & team knowledge?

What’s the goal you want to reach and what is the current status of your company across the digital transformation framework. Based on this we create an action plan which is co-created  with – and presented to – the main stakeholders to create buy-in and approval for further execution. 

Marketing and sales automation helps you to scale your marketing and sales approach throughout the sales & marketing funnel. This is the core of the inbound marketing methodology. We will set-up this automation by going through the 5 steps of any digital transformation project: Goals & KPI’s – Audit – Action Plan – Implementation – Analytics. 

When creating or optimizing your role as a global marketing department, you will encounter different needs and questions then local brand managers encounter. Your role will be to launch international process, and share guidelines and best practices across countries. Have gone through this transition, I can help you to set-up the right processes, tools and approach to make this transition go smoothly. 

As people are key, their skills & knowledge need to transform together with the processes and new technologies. I give workshops, trainings & change management to support this growth.

When transformation is growing your business or changing your processes, you’ll encounter the need for new people, skills or the optimization of processes with agencies. I help companies to select the teams & partners which suit their culture and needs. 

New projects & technologies always require new processes. I’ll help you set-up, test, automate and refine these processes by offering guidelines, setting up tools, and training users. 

Chosing the right mix of marketing & sales software is crucial to create streamlined processes. 

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