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We believe marketing has the power to improve lives.

Why we exist?

MySueño was created to fill a gap in the market, focusing specifically on the sports and health sector. Founded by Julie Vandenhouweele in 2018, “Sueño” meaning dream in Spanish, reflects our mission to help innovators in the sports industry realize their dreams, whether it’s starting a brand, generating awareness, growing sales, or expanding internationally. We noticed a lack of agencies that understand the unique aspects of the sports and health sector, which is why we’re dedicated to providing efficient, flexible, and action-oriented marketing solutions tailored to our clients’ needs.

MySueño also addresses the needs of organizations that seek an alternative to the traditional agency approach. While they may possess a strong vision, they often require assistance in creating a structured strategy & action plan and completing their in-house team with specific expertise for the execution of that plan. This is where we excel, offering a flexible model that seamlessly integrates with existing structures to provide the necessary skills and support, ensuring our clients achieve their marketing objectives efficiently and effectively.

How can we collaborate?

Every business or organization is unique, with varying ambitions, budgets, and team structures. We get that, therefore we have a flexible model where we create the puzzle with you. Here’s how we can collaborate within any of our domains of expertise.  
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Consultant Our team members can act as a your consultant, crafting strategies or act as a coach for your business.  Agency As an agency we can take on full campaigns, projects or provide ongoing marketing support, on a fixed fee basis.  Outsourcing (freelancers) If you’re missing specific skills and need help on a recurring bases, our experts can complete your team for a fixed amount of hours per month.  Guest lecturer / trainer Our team offers workshops to train your in-house employees  

Our team

Julie Vandenhouweele
Founder, Marketing Innovation Expert

Levi Haegebaert
Digital Marketing & Innovation Expert

Sam Caron
Strategic Brand Designer

Sébastiaan Bal
Creative Sports Marketeer

Wim Eeraerts
Google Ads Expert

Sarah Van Laeken
Project & Innovation Manager

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Lack of time, manpower, courage, or knowledge is no longer an excuse not to realize your goals of improving sales, attracting more clients, or optimizing processes. Because we’re here to help you every step of the way as you build a legacy you can be proud of.
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We love guiding people towards their dream. We also love sports, health, ànd coffee.
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