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Our WHY - MySueño sports & health marketing agency

We believe marketing is a powerful tool, as it can influence people. We all know the pitfalls and the strengths of marketing in this digital age. So we believe we should use it to do good: and what’s more important than an active and healthy lifestyle?

We don’t see innovation, technology or digital marketing as a goal, but as a means. Marketing has always been about psychology, and these days, creativity – authenticity – and creating experiences are the only ways to stand out and create connection with your potential customers.

My personal WHY has always been having unforgettable & new experiences. And what’s one thing all these experiences have in common? Connection. Feeling part of something, meeting a interesting person or discovering something new. 

And when have you ever felt more connected to your peers than when you’re watching a soccer game? Felt more connected to nature than when you’re running on a beautiful track? Or felt connected to yourself when you’re learning new things or working on your body & health? 

Thàt’s what we want to stimulate with MySueño. 


Because life is like a bicycle, you have to keep moving to keep your balance.

We believe that innovation is the only way forward.
Learning is the only way to stay ahead.
And actually doing things the only way to learn.

We also believe that everyone and every company has a “Sueño(dream) they want to accomplish. 


It’s our mission to translate those ideas into actions and help you create meaningful connections with your organization.   

Creating meaningful connections for health & sports brands​

What makes us stand out?

These days everyone is a marketer, because you have so many different specialties and domains and well..
just wrong definitions of marketing, communication & content. Here’s what we take pride upon: 


Strategic yet pragmatic

Actionable strategy - realistic to implement.
You need a house with a strong foundation. So don't take lose initiatives that don't support the long-term vision.
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Extensive (international) network

Enjoy our extensive network to find future partnerships.
It's all about connections. Leverage our extensive network in the sports & health industry. National ànd international.
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Flexible & efficient collabs

Experts at your service when and only when you need them.
We offer consulting, outsourcing, full execution or team trainings. Select the collaboration that suits YOU.
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Action & result driven

Long term doesn't mean slow. We go for action, then measure & develop.
Strategy without execution is just a nice powerpoint. So strategize, test, optimize. Don't get stuck in planning.
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Our values

It's all about the people

The past years our team has expanded. We now work with about 20 people, all experts in their fields.
And more importantly, who all share the same values: 

Everyone has an honest and open communication with a positive character and a touch of humbleness inside. We will always advise what’s best for you regardless of our own role. Your trust is our greatest reward.  

Our ability to adjust, learn and progress is what defines our DNA.. Which is absolutely crucial in this evolving digital space. 

Or passionate. But that doesn’t quite cover it completely as we’re not only passionate about what we do, we’re passionate about getting things done. 

We are here to help you kickstart projects quickly, efficiently and effectively and train you to continue on your own. Doing something is always better than doing nothing. 

Thinking from the end consumer is one of the most obvious and one of the hardest tasks for marketeers

Each have their own expertise, and are passionate to keep up with developments. 

Our legacy

Previous Experiences

Our past experiences

Nothing says more than past experiences and results.
Discover the main results, challenges, phases and learnings from past projects!

Ready to reach your dream?

Looking to achieve business goals such as improving sales, attracting more employees, optimizing processes & team knowledge?

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Did you know?

We love guiding people towards their dream. We also love sports, health, ànd coffee.
So if you have an idea or goal you'd like to reach, let us know, and you'll make us happy and let us help you while drinking a (virtual) coffee together! No strings attached!
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