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We have an extensive network of marketing experts within five domains, with knowledge of the sports and health sector. All have gone through a quality assessment and get frequent training.

And we’d be happy to help you take your marketing to the next level to increase your revenue, scale your business and reach the Olympic growth you dream of.

We help corporations and organizations with growth ambitions to create a personalized, goal oriented yet actionable marketing strategy.

When not available in-house or if you’re not working with an agency, we can tap into our
network and get you in touch with freelancers who have the most up-to-date expertise –
we can also coordinate their work if desired.

On top of strategy support, you can choose to have us execute the full project for you on an ongoing basis. 

We also offer a formula where we kickstart the project for you and employees take over afterward.

Prepare your internal team for the future by following workshops, internal team trainings or marketing presentations.

All formulas offer actionable tips, insights and strategic models.

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Want to bring your marketing to the next level? Our sports marketing consultants can get you there. Find out more here.

Our services

Consulting & strategy

Do you want to get an external perspective on your
overall strategy or do you want to get guidance on a
specific topic e.g. digital transformation or sponsorship activation?

Or do you have a manager position open and need to have it filled asap? Then consulting is the way to go.

Freelance Marketing Strategist

What’s the goal you want to reach and what is the current status of your company across the digital transformation framework. Based on this we create an action plan which is co-created  with – and presented to – the main stakeholders to create buy-in and approval for further execution. 

Marketing coach

Marketing and sales automation helps you to scale your marketing and sales approach throughout the sales & marketing funnel. This is the core of the inbound marketing methodology. We will set-up this automation by going through the 5 steps of any digital transformation project: Goals & KPI’s – Audit – Action Plan – Implementation – Analytics. 

Marketing manager on demand

As an interim or parttime manager, we focus on creating and finetuning this marketing strategy while getting the team & workflows set-up. 

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Our services

Outsourcing experts

Do you have a marketing team present, but are in need of expert roles such as copywriters, translators, SEO researchers or SEA expert that you don’t want to put on your payroll. Do you prefer working with senior experts and people directly instead of an agency? Then you’ll love this option:

Freelance marketing experts

We have an extensive network of marketing experts, such as SEO researchers, SEO copywriters, Google and social Advertisers or lead generation experts. All have gone through a quality assessment and get frequent trainings. They can become part of your team while we manage the quality control for you. 

Freelance marketing team

If you’re in need of multiple experts and would like to avoid the hassle of PO-numbers, individual invoicing and follow-up, then we can manage the invoicing for you and offer our services as a combined team. 

Recruitment support

Are you planning to hire someone in-house for a specific role, then we can help you with the selection process. 

Strengthen your team

Looking for sports marketing experts like copywriters, SEO researchers or social advertising experts to grow your business? Discover how we can help.

Do you want to take your marketing or sales to the next level and are looking for a sports marketing agency? Look no more! Find out how we can help.
Our services

Full service projects

Are you missing the time or skills in your team. Do you want us to take full control over the strategy, planning ànd execution. Then this is the option for you.

Full-service project

What’s the goal you want to reach and what is the current status of your company across the digital transformation framework. Based on this we create an action plan which is co-created  with – and presented to – the main stakeholders to create buy-in and approval for further execution. 


Marketing and sales automation helps you to scale your marketing and sales approach throughout the sales & marketing funnel. This is the core of the inbound marketing methodology. We will set-up this automation by going through the 5 steps of any digital transformation project: Goals & KPI’s – Audit – Action Plan – Implementation – Analytics. 

Ongoing execution

When creating or optimizing your role as a global marketing department, you will encounter different needs and questions then local brand managers encounter. Your role will be to launch international process, and share guidelines and best practices across countries. Have gone through this transition, I can help you to set-up the right processes, tools and approach to make this transition go smoothly. 

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Our services

Trainings & workshops

In today’s digital world, it’s important that your entire marketing & sales team knows about the latest digital techniques. If not to execute them, at least to understand them and to be able to understand (and challenge) decisions made by digital experts. As they say, a team is only as strong as its weakest player. Your team is a crucial part of the digital transformation of your company and will support the future-proofness of your company.


The goal of a workshop is to complete a strategic objective together. This can be a persona or buyer journey workshop, communication strategy workshop or other topic. The difference with consulting is that I provide the framework and we brainstorm about the suitable approach together.

Presentations & guest classes

Presentations or guest classes focus around a specific pre-defined theme where we will share our frameworks and  techniques through industry examples. 

Team trainings

In order to bring the skills of your internal employees to a higher level, we organise several trainings including social media, SEO, communication strategy and many others. All are tailored to your specific needs, target audience and industry. 

Educate your employees

Are you looking for qualitative sport marketing workshops, team trainings or presentation? Discover our offer.

Get rid of your marketing obstacles…

And take successful steps to turn your ideas into action

The keeper in the goal… The other race cars on the field… That daring opponent standing in front of you… Every legend has to conquer obstacles before achieving their goals & success.

So what challenges are keeping you from shooting your winning shot?

let’s talk!

Getting started

Having a good match is as important as hiring an employee with the right company fit. We feel the same way from our side. That’s why we created a simple step-by-step process to get to know eachother. 

Free strategy call (&coffee)

You wouldn’t buy software without a free trial right? That’s why we offer one hour free strategic advice during an informal meeting with a (digital) coffee. This way we can get to know each other and we can help define what your true needs and goals are.

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Strategy & action plan

Everything starts with a good strategy. Based on the intro-call we will define building blocks which are needed to upgrade your marketing efforts and reach your goal. In this phase, we will work out a great strategy & set-up an action plan.

Team selection & execution

In this step we will decide on the execution based on the collaboration options above. We can stay on board as consultant while your current team (and / or partners) executes the strategy, we can deliver freelancers to fill potential gaps in your team or manage the full execution for you.

Analysis & improvement

An initial strategy is always a starting point. During implementation you will always encounter barriers and will continuously need to finetune the approach. Therefore analytics is crucial to be able to measure the impact of our actions. Therefore we always count on several follow-up meetings to discuss the results & future approach.

Additional support & training

Once an initial pilot has been set-up, it’s time to think on the long-term plan. This usually involves team training, setting up internal processed and tools. We also count on quarterly or bi-yearly follow-up sessions to ensure you remain on track.

It was a pleasure to work with Julie! She is a fast deliverer and has an attitude of great professionalism: she is proactive, focused on detail, interested and hardworking. Does all the tasks quickly and well. A great asset to any team. Julie was in charge of the strategy and detailed workflow creation of the NN Running Club community. As a community manager she defined the structure of ads, posts, mailings, and partly frontend platform features. Julie is also a very nice and attentive person to work with, a real asset to any team! 
Energy labRobin Decottignies – Account Manager
Energy lab
Julie has worked with us as an external advisor and consultant on various sports related projects. She’s always very proactive and asks the right questions from the start in order to get the job done! She’s able to bring focus and define the best possible actions for a particular project while still having the broader picture and the end goal in mind. I’d truly recommend working with Julie if you’re looking for support regarding your sports marketing strategy.
SportUP – STRN – VictorisKristof De Mey – Sports Technology, Innovation & business Development
SportUP - STRN - Victoris
“Julie gave us a fresh look on the (sports)market of today and tomorrow. She posesses a contageous portion of energy and provides tools which make the world of marketing instantly accessible and implementable. It felt like we got sucked into the head of our consumers.”
Fros multisport VlaanderenMartine Verheyen
Fros multisport Vlaanderen
I had a great experience working with MySueño. As a start-up it was super convenient that I had a marketing strategist & branding specialist by my side but only when I needed it. Julie developed the full marketing launch strategy but also gave me acces to her wide network in the sports/marketing industry. Thank you for the great work so far & looking forward to the next steps!
Cyclo StudioEnzo Maenhaut – Owner
Cyclo Studio
Julie combines a very profound digital expertise with pragmatic solutions. She is a very valuable link between our Brand Managers and the digital agencies for all our digital plans. Moreover, Julie is a very nice person to work with. Therefore, I would really recommend Julie for anyone who wants to optimise their digital ecosystem. Looking forward to continue working with Julie for our future plans and for further optimisation!
EGLieve Pattyn – Marketing Director
I had the pleasure to work with Julie in her first role at Etixx & more recently at Polar. Julie is a very dynamic, hungry & positive marketing professional. Julie is only happy when the job is done and the results are there. She quickly identifies opportunities and knows how to structure various tasks. She works fast-paced and communicates very open and honest. I would work with her again when the opportunity arises.
Polar ElectroKoen Demyttenaere – Marketing Director
Polar Electro
“Julie is a top consultant in communication strategy and implementation. She brings structure, works very hands-on and to-the-point. I can highly recommend Julie when you need help with your communication challenges.”
SportkompasBruno D’Hulster – Social Entrepreneur
I had the pleasure of working with Julie when we were both consultants at EG. She came in as a whirlwind – with an incredible capacity to cope with masses of work. She not only masters the aspects of digital technology but also combines a clear strategic vision with a very strong ‘let’s do it’ attitude and appropriate focus on cost-effectiveness. This unique skill set allows her to really make a difference to the business in a short period of time with sometimes limited budgets.
EG – Business Consultant Katty De Bruyne
EG - Business Consultant
Julie worked for Moov-IT as a Corporate Wellness consultant and gave a guest lecture to one of our clients on the “Psychology of Motivation” related to the gamification of apps. Julie is a dream to work with. She studied and used all input from our current presentations and knowledge center and transformed them into something even better! Julie is super independent, highly skilled, autodidact and takes on a project van A to Z, even to Z+++! To our delight she added her personal touch & branding insights helping our company taking it to the next step. We’ll definitely keep working with Julie and MySueño!
Moov-ITGriet Johanna Vandenhouweele – CEO
Julie is a driven & passionate marketeer with a large knowledge of website development, e-commerce, contentmarketing, social media … with implementation on an international level. Her presentation skills are excellent! She has a very ‘natural’ flair in doing ‘business’ with external partners and is always open for input and eager to improve.
Etixx Sports NutritionMietje Kestelyn – Brand Manager Belgium
Etixx Sports Nutrition
Julie’s understanding of technology and the relationship between business needs and digital enablement was insightful and the reason for online success of the Etixx brand. Julie was able to implement solutions supporting business objectives with limited budget and resources. She handled business relationships while also interacting with technical teams. Julie’s work is detailed and she has excellent communication skills. I look forward to crossing paths again with future initiatives.
PerrigoAnthony Hogan – Senior Director Commercial Solutions
I’ve had the pleasure to work with Julie, by the time she was at the International Etixx Team. As a distributor she ofered us great and efective tools to activate the brand in our country. As a professional i think she is so talented, with a so remakable vision and understanding on digital world and it’s opportunities. As a professional I would always like to have Julie playing for my team.
Etixx Sports NutritionJordi Clapés Oleart
Etixx Sports Nutrition
Julie gave a workshop about the go-to-market strategy as a mentor for Sport-UP boost. The workshop overflowed in its quality and I noticed the start-ups really got it. She was able to respond quickly to individual cases and gave very down to earth advice. The balance between examples and personalised advice was very good. I would give the session a 9 out of 10.
Sport-UP Nico Delleman
The cooperation with MySueño for the Cycling World Cup was professional and dynamic from the very beginning. The creative input in terms of contemporary marketing techniques was a real added value. The courage and willingness to leave well-trodden paths when promoting major sports events was inspiring. The informal contacts – an important lubricant in any cooperation – were also spontaneous and infectious. That their patience was sometimes tested on this project thriving within a government context will have been a good learning experience for later, similar marketing assignments….
Sport VlaanderenFrank Bulcaen – Coordinator Policy and Projects
Sport Vlaanderen
Julie’s team at MySueno provides communication and marketing solutions tailored to your organization in a smooth, professional and proactive manner and gives an extra push to your communication operation after a thorough analysis of your communication actions.
Sportdienst Stad GentElvira Verleyen – Onthaal & Sportpromotie
Sportdienst Stad Gent
We, Korok and Dita -hockey brand of Decathlon-, enjoy working with MySueño and Julie. I came to them with a very specific question and they offered me a personalised offer to work on the brand identity of both brand AND other things we needed help with. They offer us everything we need: they work quick; great quality; co-creation; great follow-up; flexibility;… I really recommend them and if you have any questions, please contact me!
DecathlonLeentje Van Meirhaeghe
With Decathlon, we called on Julie from MySueño to facilitate the writing of our sports marketing plans. Throughout the process, Julie assisted us with theoretical frameworks as well as practical tips and together we looked for solutions tailored to our business. The collaboration completely met our expectations and we may work together again in the future!
Decathlon BelgiumBram Candries – Marketeer
Decathlon Belgium

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