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We help the sports industry with any marketing or communication challenge. Our services include sport consulting, outsourcing, full service communication projects and we offer training options.

MySueno Services _ Our experts are available for you when and only when you need them.

Consulting | Strategic advice and Guidance

We help you create a general marketing or brand strategy, in-depth channel strategies or innovative concepts. During execution, we stay involved as advisor for the internal project lead and project manager.

Outsourcing | Mixed Execution

Flexibility is key, if you already have fixed partners you work with, I can still take the role as project lead and work with existing parters, train internal employees or assign freelancers for specific tasks to ensure all necessary roles are filled.

Full service projects | Full Execution

You can chose to have me and MySueno execute (part) of the project in collaboration with my partners. I take the project lead role and communicate with the project manager and/or internal project team.

Marketing Strategy Class @HoWest _MySueno

Academy | Trainings & Workshops


The goal of a workshop is to complete a strategic objective together. This can be a persona or buyer journey workshop, communication strategy workshop or other topic. The difference with consulting is that I provide the framework and we brainstorm about the suitable approach together.

Lectures & Presentations

I've give guest lectures at the University of Ghent, University of Lunex, Howest and some other. I also presented at the Sport Innovation Conference and am available for other opportunities.

Team trainings

In order to bring the skills of your internal employees to a higher level, we organise several trainings including social media, SEO, communication strategy and many others.

Let's collaborate

What's the process?

01. Free Strategy Call (& Coffee!)

You wouldn’t buy software without a free trial right? That’s why we offer one hour free strategic advice during an informal meeting with a coffee. This way we can get to know each other and we can help define what your true needs and goals are.

03. Task division & execution

In this step we will decide on the execution based on the three options above. We can stay on board as consultant while your current team (and / or partners) executes the strategy, we can deliver freelancers to fill potential gaps in your team or manage the full execution for you. 

05. Additional support & training

Once an initial pilot has been set-up, it’s time to think on the long-term plan. This usually involves team training, setting up internal processed and tools. We also count on quarterly or bi-yearly follow-up sessions to ensure you remain on track.

02. Strategy & Action Plan

Everything starts with a good strategy. Based on the intro-call we will define building blocks which are needed to upgrade your marketing efforts and reach your goal. In this phase, we will work out a great strategy & set-up an action plan.

Mixed Execution
Full Exeuction

04. Analysis & improvement

A strategy is never fixed. While implementing we will encounter barriers and will continuously need to improve the approach. Therefore analytics is crucial to be able to measure the impact of our actions. Therefore we always count on several follow-up meetings to further discuss the approach.

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Julie Vandenhouweele - Marketing & Innovation expert

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