Cyclo Studio: Launch Gantoise

Cyclo Studio

Content Strategy
Video shoot
Photo Shoot
Video & Photo edits
Facebook Ads
Instagram Ads

When Cyclo Studio unveiled their fifth location and second outdoor workout space in Ghent, it was important to spread the word. Our task was to create two engaging videos and conduct a photoshoot to capture the excitement of the grand opening at their new spot, Gantoise.

Throughout the evening, which featured three lively spinning classes, we captured the enthusiastic spirit of Cyclo Studio, turning it into an exciting aftermovie for the launch and a social media giveaway. We then used these engaging reels to create organic content and social media ads, helping us connect with potential Cyclo fans in the local community.

In addition to our video work, we carefully took and edited about 50 captivating photos, providing Cyclo Studio with a bunch of content for their social media channels, ensuring they had plenty to share for months to come.

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