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The creation of STRN

STRN - The Sports Tech Research Network

“Sports Tech Research Network (STRN) connects the most innovative Sports, Tech & Business scientists with each other and with research-driven industry or non-profit representatives. It facilitates multi-disciplinary collaborations, resulting in new and valuable products & services available on the market.”

The Sports Tech Research Podcast (STRP) combines all these industry insights and updates in one handy podcast. 

Kristof De Mey got the idea to start STRN - The Sports Tech Research and asked our guidance to launch this international assocation.

The challenge?

As a business developer for Victoris (UGent) and program manager of SportUp (Belgian sports accelerator), Kristof De Mey noticed there’s a big gap in connection between experts from various academic fields, especially looking at an international level. On the other hand, this research doesn’t always reach the sports industry and  sportstech companies in particular, while very few sportstech companies are actually research based. The goal? Create an international network that connects the most innovative Sports, Tech & Business scientists with each other ánd with research-driven industry or non-profit representatives.  

Our approach?

Through research and hands-on workshops with Kristof and other stakeholders, we created the marketing strategy for this association. We first mapped all possible services which could create added value for each target group. We also created a basic pricing structure and financial plan indicating the necessary means to grow this association to a standalone organization. After Studio Dott created the branding and website design, we prepared the launch roadmap and campaign, followed by an action plan for the rest of the year. Based on the feedback we will gather the coming months, we will decide on the final structure of packages and pricing for each type of membership.

Discover the approach we used to launch STRN - The Sports Tech Research network.
Sports Tech Research Network - Member Johnsan Billingham

The results?

Key take-aways


A community is only as strong as its members. We were lucky enough to find a group of internationally recognized researchers who felt the same need and were interested in creating this community together. 


While creating the different membership packages, we had many ideas on possible services though many of them were too costly for the first year. Prepare your financial plan before you start to get an idea of total costs and realistic activities. 


We wanted a community with the world’s best researchers and R&D people from the leading organizations. We decided to launch while looking for board members, in phase 2 we will open up to other researchers and in the third phase we will look for companies once we have a good base of researchers present which will make it more appealing. 

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