Sport innovation conference 2019

We were invited to speak at the Sport Innovation Conference (Belgium) in 2019. You can find the presentation here.

This short presentation which I created for the Sports Innovation Conference 2019 highlights various aspects of innovation within the sports sector.

In the first section, it provides examples of the 4 different forms of innovations, explains how you should prioritize your innovation portfolio based on the McKinsey Horizon model and goes deeper into different categories of innovation.

In the second part I explain the double diamond model, which I adjusted to suit the business needs in sports.

During this model I give practical to-do’s which can – and should be ! – implemented in your organization or company straight away.

These are the slides from my presentation so they don’t include all the information and examples I share real life, for those you’ll have to come and join one my sessions 😉 

View the full presentation

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