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Marketing Consultant

Julie Vandenhouweele

Benefits of a marketing consultant?

As a consultant, we can create your marketing strategy, channel strategy or be a soundboard for your business. As an outsider, it’s easier to look at the bigger picture then when you’re in it too deep. Our goal? Get your products or services as effective as possible to your right target audience by creating meaningful connections. 

What we can mean for you as marketing consultant


Strategic Marketing Advice

We will create a strategic marketing approach for your business or be a soundboard to your proposed strategy.


Campaign planning

We will create a content & campaign planning based on your commercial targets.


Hands-on tips & strategic marketing plan

We will translate the strategy into action by creating an project planning.


Audit of your current approach

We will start the collaboration by assessing your current approach to identify the low hanging fruit.


Channel Strategy

We will help you create individual channel communication strategies to achieve the best results (SEO, SEA, Social, E-mail, Google Advertising, Social Advertising, Influencer marketing, sponsorship...)


Support & PM

We can help you select the right marketing tools, build your (digital) marketing team and grow their knowledge.

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Discover what is sports marketing to us

Knowing who your customer is, what their needs are and fully understanding their buyer journey is key during your marketing strategy. It’s safe to say that you cannot create a good strategy if these are not clearly defined. 

This will define which position you will claim in the market compared to your competitors. This includes your market definition: which activities will you perform (now or in the future) and where will your business stop. This is a crucial step in your marketing strategy as this should define your visual identity, branding and pricing strategy. 

A good visual identity and tone of voice  is a crucial aspect of your marketing strategy. We have talented partners who can create this for you under my guidance. I’ve also worked on projects where I advised the internal brand manager on branding projects performed by external agencies or partners.

I see a good, SEO proof website as part of your marketing strategy rather than your communication strategy, as this is basically your online store, and represents your business online. Even long before starting to communicate it. 

A good marketing strategy will be the groundwork of your communication: who will you target, what will be your pricing and commercial plan, through which channels will you sell your offering and through which channels will you reach your target audience. 

The Go-2-Market strategy will give you a general overview of how you will approach the market. Which will be your sales channels, who are your target audiences and how will you reach them. 

Here we will define the main communication channels through which you can reach your ideal audience and your goal with the biggest ROI. Creating a 360° channel strategy, where digital strategy is not a separate section, profession of job, but part of the overall strategy will help you reach your goals in no time. 

The content strategy is the translation of the communication strategy into content items. While communication will tell us what we will do, content strategy goes deeper into the messages we’re sending out. Your general content strategy will display your tone of voice, type of imagery used and other branding subsections such as colors, fonts and brand hashtags. 

A matching consultant

Shares values and proven expertise are a given for any of our consultants. But in order to deliver the needed results, we match every consultant with the type of business ànd sport you’re in. After all you wouldn’t let a basketball coach train a soccer team would you? 

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Discover our use cases. Nothing says more than past experiences and results. Discover the main results, challenges, phases and take-aways from past projects!


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