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Why chose for sports marketing consultancy?

Sometimes you just want a second opinion, a temporary replacement or a marketing manager on demand. If you do, then sports marketing consultancy is the option for you. Our consultants will become part of your team and lead you in the right direction.  We have a talented team of consultants, each with their own specialty but all with a strong knowledge of the sports & health industry.

A matching consultant

Shares values and proven expertise are a given for any of our consultants. But in order to deliver the needed results, we match every consultant with the type of business ànd sport you’re in. After all you wouldn’t let a basketball coach train a soccer team would you? 

Previous Experiences

Our sports consulting cases

Discover our use cases. Nothing says more than past experiences and results. Discover the main results, challenges, phases and take-aways from past projects!


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We love guiding people towards their dream. We also love sports, health, ànd coffee.
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