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Flowtrack is a dynamic travel organisation that specialises in active holidays for teenagers and families, both in summertime and on the ski slopes. Their vacations are unique in a way that their destinations are far away from the most popular touristic areas. Through an extensive offer of activities and a welcoming crew they put themselves on the map as one of the biggest growing travel agencies in Belgium.

Our Challenge?
Flowtrack’s vacations are filled with feelgood and experience, yet their website needed an update to bring the feelgood to the people, even before they leave on holiday. Their whole website got a upgrade, with more than 180 pages of Destination Feelgood.

Have a look at their brand new website

Our approach

Flowtrack was using 2 different domain names for Belgium and The Netherlands in order for those countries to be able to scroll on a website domain that felt natural for them. Yet, having both domains was causing SEO issues. A lot of budget was being spent on trying to get both domain names to rank on google. While their current websites were still online and were able to still generate bookings, we started building a new website on the .com domain name www.flowtrack-travel.com.

We really wanted to capture the excitement and feelgood of every holiday, using plenty of pictures and video’s to get people dreaming of their next holiday. We focused on keeping the design simple and responsive, while still keeping this exciting and letting their captivating images and videos do all the talking.

The results?

Key take-aways


Sometimes 1 domain is better
instead of trying to grow 2 different domain names. Having 1 .com domain name that you can put all your marketing efforts in is a more budget friendly and efficient approach.


On page time increases with video and images
Because people get to look at so many images and videos, they spend more time on Flowtrack’s website. Long blocks of text drive people away.


User friendly system is essential for growth
Flowtrack now has all the tools to easily create different pages for specific needs and holidays.

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