The team at MySueño helps sports & health business to take your marketing and communication to the next level by developing a strategic marketing approach, creating user focused communication and implement digital transformation within your company in order to increase your revenue and prepare your business for the future.

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The goal at MySueño is to help the sports & health industry with any marketing or communication challenge. Our services include sport consulting, outsourcing, full service communication projects and we offer multiple training options.


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The way businesses work is changing, and so are we. At MySueño, we share a vision of the workplace of the future, where Gen Y-ers will become more and more freelancers and where every company will have their team of freelancers, employees and partners to mix and match based on their needs. Everyone will become their own manager, allowing more efficiency, expertise and focus. Not only in knowledge, but also in the industry they work for.

Julie grew up with sports as her family has been active in the industry forever. With matching degrees in both sports and marketing and international experience in working and living, international focused sports marketing turned out to be the perfect job. Hence the start of MySueño.


Everyone at MySueño shares the same values: they are empaths, can exactly imagine what your ideal customer is thinking or which info they need to be convinced. We are not an agency, everyone is an expert and takes responsibility for their own deadlines and tasks. All with the same enthusiasm, energy and sense of humbleness.

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We also love sports, health, ànd coffee.
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