About us

Hey Julie, is your business a sports marketing agency?

I get this question very often and the answer really depends on the context.


If you mean a sports marketing agency as in do you have an office and do you have 20 employees working for you full-time including accountants, PMs and a lot of overhead costs to manage? No. Definitely no. That’s not at all how we work. 


If you mean agency as in a strategic and full service partner who can help you with any challenge in your sports business? Then yes, absolutely!

About us

So a sports marketing agency or not?

At Vlerick business school, an inspiring professor once told me you have different types of people: you have managers, who get energy from guiding a team and bring their team to the next level. Ánd you have experts, who love focusing on the job at hand, continuously learn and become an absolute expert in everything they do. Me and my teammates at MySueno are all part of the latter.

about us

What does that mean?

Basically it means that everyone manages themselves. We get together, agree on what needs to happen, align on fixed moments and in between we all do what we’re good at, individually. Everyone delivers at the moment we agreed and is their own manager in the quality of delivering it. And to suit your needs, I have contacts in various countries, for various tasks and different pricing levels.

Chess figures
So, I would actually describe us as the following

we're a STRATEGIC sports marketing collective

We work with a close group of trusted freelancers and partners, experts within their own field who share the same values and are guided by the strategists and implementation experts from MySueno, who are the core and who have a specific focus on the sports industry.

What's in it

for you?

A LOT, but this should summarize it clearly:


Direct contact with experts. As we’re not an agency we don’t have different departments or different teams. It’ll be just you working together with an expert which allows both efficiency ànd speed. Let’s focus on action.


People at your service when and only when you need them.
And I mean this in the strictest form possible. It happens very often that my clients already have their fixed agencies they work with or prefer to manage execution in-house, so we won’t be pushing you to only work with our partners. You make your own puzzle of experts around you.

Future proof

Focus on in-house knowledge.
Being experts also means we are creative and constantly in search of new challenges. Therefore any tasks that may become repetitive or are which are executional can be taught to internal employees. We’re also on the lookout of optimizing processes and knowledge so expect the knowledge of your employees to grow as well.

But more importantly

It's ALL about the people, Who will fuel your growth

Besides the business advantages mentioned above, a lot of people and agencies have expertise. Here are the values and characteristics of our people, which set us apart. 


Everyone has an honest and open communication with a positive character and a touch of humbleness inside. We will always advise what’s best for you regardless of our own role. Your trust is our greatest reward.  


Our ability to adjust, learn and progress is what defines our DNA.. Which is absolutely crucial in this evolving digital space. 


Or passionate. But that doesn’t quite cover it completely as we’re not only passionate about what we do, we’re passionate about getting things done. 


We are here to help you kickstart projects quickly, efficiently and effectively and train you to continue on your own. Doing something is always better than doing nothing. 


Thinking from the end consumer is one of the most obvious and one of the hardest tasks for marketeers


Strategy occurs on many levels, so no matter the partner you’re working with, they’ll help you keep the overall picture in mind. 

All clear? You probably have one question left?

Are we good?

We don’t like to brag, so ask our clients 🙂 
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