We’re sad to see you go – how to create a good unsubscribe page

We all know the feeling: opening your inbox and receiving dozens of newsletters you actually don’t care about. Before I started traveling, I felt it was time to clean up my inbox and unsubscribe for newsletters I didn’t want to receive anymore. Well, I have to say I signed off from quite a few, and in my opinion, the companies that send these newsletters can be divided into three categories:

The first group doesn’t care about keeping you as a subscriber at all. You either click on the unsubscribe button and it’s done or you will access a page where you have to fill in your e-mail address in a blank box and that’s it. With these companies I always had the feeling that they really don’t care if you leave or not, since they don’t even do the tiniest effort to try and change your mind.

The second type of companies at least ask you is to indicate the reason you’re canceling the subscription. I always find these very annoying, but at least you notice that the company is doing an effort to understand their costumers better and improve their strategy.

In the last category, companies suggested different options, which I really liked. Some let you chose to sign in for other topics or to receive the newsletters in a lower frequency. One company even asked me if I wanted to put the subscription on hold and start receiving them again from a certain moment in time, which suited my situation perfectly. These companies at least show they’re doing an effort to serve the needs of their customers better.
Most of the companies are already shifting towards the pro-active category, but there’s another thing that makes a big difference: personalization. Some companies might not do a lot of effort to change your mind, but at least they say they’re sorry to see you go. Also a small personal message before asking what the reason is that you’re unsubscribing, can make them shift from being annoying to being caring in my opinion. And when they’re proactive and personalized together by giving you other suggestions and mention this might be things that could suit you; It feels like they really care about you and don’t just want to trick you into signing up for something else that doesn’t interest you.

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Webs CRM when unsubscribing for their newsletter

Another thing that can make a HUGE difference is what I would like to call: playing on the emotions. It’s about a year ago now that I signed off for loads of newsletters, but I have to say that I still remember this one. After signing out, a screen appeared with a cute robot which said: I’m so sad to see you go, please don’t leave us. This tactic might be very cheesy, but I swear, I almost changed my mind and re-subscribed for this newsletter. However, I came to my senses and realized that there was a reason I was unsubscribing in the first place. However, when the robot asked me: Could you tell me what I’ve done wrong? I was relieved that I could indicate that the little cutie didn’t do anything wrong, it was really the subject that didn’t suit me anymore. Finally the robot answered, I will miss you, let me know when you change your mind, I will happily welcome you back. And I couldn’t help but feeling a little touched. And maybe I didn’t want to receive their newsletter anymore, but they certainly managed to give me a good feeling about their company right before I was leaving and don’t think I would say a bad word about it.

I think this proves that CRM is important even when customers are leaving your business. There can be several reasons why they’re leaving you (or your newsletter), but every touchpoint is a moment where you make an impression about your brands values. So time to change your ‘unsubscribe processes’ and just remember to address your (soon to be) ex-customers in a personal way, suggest other subscriptions and play on their emotional side.

P.S. Don’t forget to be original as well. If everyone would start using a cute robot to play on my emotions, it doubt it would have the same effect 😉

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